The Aviva Method

A series of specially designed exercises that help the body to rebalance itself
by triggering a woman’s natural hormonal flow and the body’s own self-healing process.

The Method:


What The Aviva Method Addressess:

  • • Eases menstrual pain, and helps regulate your menstrual cycle
  • • Boosts fertility
  • • Aids and stimulates ovulation
  • • Opens stenotic or blocked fallopian tubes, allowing easier passage;
  • • Eliminates or eases symptoms of ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary
    syndrome (PCOS), fibroids , and uterine polyps
  • • Regaining the ability to conceive after miscarriage;
  • • Helps with hormone-related obesity, allowing you to reach and maintain optimal body weight;
  • • Stops unwanted lactation (galactorrhea), or when breastfeeding, optimizes milk quantity;
  • • Stops the symptoms of and helps overcome the changes that come with menopause;
  • • By stimulating the body’s own endocrine system, normalizes hormone levels, improves general mood, and increases libido and energy levels;
  • • Increases fertility before IVF treatment or insemination, supports the success of the procedures, moderates the side-effects of hormone treatments;
  • • By practicing the exercises before an operation, can aid recovery after gynecological procedures.

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