Fertility Workshop

  • How the Aviva Method can help improve fertility: stimulating ovulation, reducing high FSH, activating low egg-reserve, blocked fallopian tube, miscarriage, preparation for IVF treatment, etc.
  • Improving other life style factors: diet & stress.
  • Keeping fertility chart, timing ovulation.
  • Locating the Working Zone (WZ). Learning to move the WZ.
  • Learning the exercises of the Basic 18 sequence.
  • Learning the exercises of the Ovulation sequence.
  • Increasing blood circulation in the pelvis.
  • Learning techniques how to release tension from the pelvis, relaxing the uterus muscles.

Price: $160 including notes and light lunch.

Payment: by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposit to be made to: Aviva Method Australia, BSB: 062 157 Acc: 1021 0940

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