How can you learn the Aviva Method?

The Aviva exercises are arranged into sequences. You can learn the exercise sequence which is suitable to your health issue:

  • One-on-one
  • In a workshop

Both learning modes have its advantages.

When choose the one-on-one program?

In one-on-one learning the Aviva practitioner fully focuses on your specific health issue. There is more time to discuss in depth your health history, your diet, symptom diary, self-observation, stress management, pain relieving techniques, etc.  We have time to fully customise the sequence to your physical attributes and your reproductive health issue.  You can progress by your own speed.

You choose one-on-one learning if you need privacy and prefer the intimate learning environment.

If you can’t attend the workshops which are usually held on the weekend or there is no workshop scheduled for your problem then the one-on-one learning is recommended. You choose the program appropriate to you:

  • Improving Fertility click hereto check out the details.
  • Female Health (Uterine fibroids, Endometriosis, PCOS, cyst, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, Irregular/Heavy/Absent/etc. period) click here to out the details.
  • Easing Menopause (hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, sleeping problems, reduced or loss of libido, vagina dryness, weight gain, fatigue, etc.) click here to out the details.

Or would you prefer a workshop?

If you think your health issue is quite typical and you are happy to learn the suitable exercise sequence in a small and supportive group environment than click here to check out the WORKSHOP CALENDAR!

Here you meet other women with the same (or very similar) reproductive health issue and who may exchange their personal experience regarding the actual reproductive health concern.

We touch on diet, how to keep a food and symptom diary, briefly talk about stress management. The group learn the exercises together. If there is time left we practice a pain management technique (if it is relevant).

The fee of the workshop is considerably less than the one-on-one learning.

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