Menstrual Problems

The physical - and sometimes emotional - changes a woman goes through on a monthly basis are caused by hormones that work together, communicating between the brain and the reproductive system.

Must have regular cycle!

The regular monthly cycle is typically 28 days in length - but can vary 24 to 35 days which is still within the normal range as long as it is consistently repeated in that interval. In order to restore and maintain the regular monthly cycle the '18' (basic) exercise program has been compiled.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Distressing and unpleasant symptoms experienced usually a week before the onset of the period. These symptoms can be physical and/emotional and recur each month before the beginning of the period. The symptoms are headaches, fluid retention, bloating, craving for sweet/fatty food, weight gain, breast swelling and soreness, pain in the pelvic region, dizziness; irritability, tearfulness, downheartedness, nervous tension, anxiety, lack of concentration, aggression, mood swing, depression.

The cause of PMS is not fully understood but there are theories which propose abnormal hormone levels, particularly oestrogen/progesteron ratio imbalance; elevated prolactin level; the periodic fall of endorphin which is predicipated by falling levels of progesteron.

The regular practice of the '18' (basic) exercise program has a profound affect on the woman's hormonal system. The ratio of hormones can be sufficiently changed by the exercise.

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