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You don't have to believe in the Method and does not matter if you don't believe in it, you have to try it. Aviva Steiner

Early Life

Aviva Steiner - the inventor of The Method Aviva Steiner was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary.avivaimage Her parents followed a then very popular health and diet movement (called Bicserdy after its inventor) which even by today's standard advocated rather extrem principles: strictly vegetarian and raw food diet interrupted with long fasting periods and a very demanding exercise regime.

Her parents introduced her to exercise early. When she was still only a five year old child she became severely sick with high fever. The doctors could never diagnose her illness and didn't give her much chance to survive. Instead of letting her rest, her parents subjected her to an intensive exercise program and she miraculously recovered from the illness. This incident planted the seed of her belief in the healing effect of physical exercise.

Emigrating to Israel: Dance, Yoga, Medicine

Her parents died during WWII and the 16 year old Aviva was been taken along with other Jewish orphans to Israel. She studied at the Kibbutz Teachers Seminary, then seven years jazz and four years of classical ballet and became a dancer. Trained with Gertrude Kraus the world-renowned contemporary dancer, and danced in the Israel Opera. She also studied and practiced yoga.

She did three years advanced study at a clinic for physiotherapy and anatomy - and worked with Professor Adler in the Hadassah University Hospital during the polio epidemic. During this time, while she was working with young polio patients made the observation that with the stimulation of the blood circulation muscle can be revived and restored. She also observed the enormous effect of the patient's will power on the physical recovery process. She figured that the patient's active participation in the healing process gives a sense of control over the illness which increases their chance of recovery.

Progressive ideas

Influenced by her yoga and/or physiotherapy studies, or her medical work or her femininist views, her quirky way of thinking - perhaps all these together, she started to question: if yogis are able to control their heart beats and the function of other internal organs, if we can learn (as a child) to voluntarily control our pee and poo, SO why we can't control or at least influence our menstrual cycle, the ovulation process or our period?

Back in the 50s and early 60s these ideas counted fairly eccentric or even crazy, not to mention that they were revolving around a certain topic which even in these days are quite sensitive and back then were taboos. Aviva images2

Teaching physical exercise for women

After her dancing career finished she worked as a physical education teacher for women. Her students were mostly mature age women (40+), and she tried to design a special warm-up exercise suitable to their physical condition. When the majority of her students failed to turn up in her class she found out that the reason for their absence was that they were having their period. Some of those women had already stopped menstruating and were convinced that they entered into menopause.

Aviva realised that her new exercise program had this profound effect on those women's bodies. This discovery launched her into intense study of the female reproductive and hormonal system and how they can be influenced by physical exercise. Years of experimentation followed and eventually resulted in a specific pattern of exercises which constituted a system of movements which is now called the Aviva Method.

Aviva was determined to give women a 'tool' what they can use to reclaim control over their reproductive system just by themselves - without dependency on any form of external intervention (hormone medication, surgery, etc.). Practicing self-healing brings the sense of control for the woman - they are not just helpless subjects anymore of the uncontrolled processes playing havoc in their body.

Benefits of the Method

Aviva herself didn't try to benefit in any way from the success of her invention. She trained other women and gave her knowledge unselfishly with the desire to give women liberation from the often mysterious and unpredictable or unexplainable processes of their own body.

When she finished teaching she appointed her most prominent student Judit Puni to continue the teaching and spread the knowledge of The Method. Judit Puni took on the assignment and established the International Aviva's Method Center in Tel Aviv (www.avivac.co.il). She is dedicated to train Aviva Coaches who will continue Aviva's legacy worldwide.

The Method was first adopted by women of the Orthodox Jewish religious faith who found it effective in achieving conception according to their religious beliefs. The International Aviva's Method Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel took up the mission to gather and disseminate information about the Method. With the exclusive right to train Aviva Method Coaches, the Centre developed a specialised training program. Their intention is to open Aviva Method centres in other countries as well in order to advocate and educate The Method worldwide.

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