SAM 1643_350My fibroid saga started with some digestive pain accompanied with constipation, weight loss and an irregular menstruation.

In the beginning I did not pay much attention to my discomforts, however I sensed that all symptoms week by week. I was sent for a pelvic ultrasound, and as I insisted, my GP sent me for a CT scan as well. My intuition was right: a 4cm fibroid was detected on my uterus at that time.

Because my GP said that uterine fibroids were common and there was nothing to worry about, I relaxed into the thought that all was well and it would not cause any major concerns in the future.

Within a few months all my symptoms were getting stronger and I started to search for answers and a possible way to get this fibroid surgically removed. By the time I found a good surgeon, my uterine fibroid had grown to the size of a big apple (7.5cm and slightly bigger than my uterus itself). My surgeon informed that large fibroids could cause infertility, miscarriage, premature labour and abnormal fetal growth or morbidity of placenta.

I was in my middle thirties, already in a nesting mood and planning to start a family with my husband, but I knew first I had to recover and regain a healthy fertility. So, this massive growth had to go! Soon after the diagnosis it was removed via laparoscopy.

During my recovery period, I was put on a hormonal therapy of progesterone for 3 months until my menstrual cycle got rebalanced. As the side effect of the hormon therapy I started to put on weight (10kgs) and I was going through intense mood swings.

I actively started to seek out an alternative approach to deal with all the hormonal symptoms. This is how I came across with the Aviva Method that astonishingly worked for me from the start. I felt that the post-operational hormone therapy I was put through was not beneficial for me and I could not handle its side effects.

Through the Aviva Method I learnt to bring more awareness to my reproductive system and that I could be in control of my body (regular cycle and ovulation, natural conception etc). By focusing on the daily exercises and strengthening my womb I managed to recover faster from the after effect of myomectomy and shed those unwanted kilos within a few months!

Three years on, now I am expecting my first child and going through a smooth pregnancy. If I had known the Aviva Method before my myomectomy, I could have spared myself from a surgery, as this technique has helped many women experience the disappearance of uterine fibroids and cysts.

By now I am well aware of the fact that I cannot give natural birth – only caesarean - due to the scar tissues on my uterus from the surgery. Nevertheless many women with fibroids or cysts could escape from the surgery and help their reproductive system to heal itself via the Aviva method!

Emi Bisztray, Cammeray

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