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kittyFirst time I heard about the Aviva Method from a friend who just returned from Europe where she learnt it.

She had hormonal imbalance which caused her significant weight gain. When I saw her, she was back to her normal weight – lost all those excess kilos! She also mentioned that it boosted fertility...

I was in my early 40s and in a relationship. My partner and I were discussing the possibility of starting a family together. Although I was fit and healthy, I knew that time was against me and I was aware that I was past my most fertile time. I tried to find a natural and non-invasive therapy hence I started to investigate The Method in more detail.

I found out that the Aviva Method was developed in the 1960s in Israel and the International Aviva's Method Centre (www.avivac.co.il) in Tel Aviv, Israel teaches the Method and trains Aviva practitioners. When I contacted them I learnt that they were planning to run their training course first time in English to make The Method accessible to women outside of Israel as well.

Even though my relationship dissolved by that time, I have not lost my interest in learning the Method. And this interest wasn't just for my own use anymore: I wanted to do the training to teach it to other women for their benefit.

During my training, I learnt the possibilities and limitations of the Method. I met other Aviva practitioners who shared their teaching experiences and told about their clients’ success stories. Hearing about the babies who were born with the help of the Aviva Method, I knew that I was returning Australia with a powerful and useful tool to help women with fertility and other female health issues. The Method empowers women to have more control over their reproductive health, femininity and wellbeing.

I am based in Lower North Shore, Sydney, and teach the Aviva Method one-on-one and have regular workshops as well. I have compiled hand-outs for my students with detailed descriptions of the Aviva exercises and illustrated by photos. 

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