Cure Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with the Aviva Method

polycystic ovarian_syndromePolycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is considered rather a complex endocrine disorder then a simple gynaecological disorder. PCOS characterised by anovulation (no ovulation), oligomenorrhoea (infrequent menstruation) or amenorrhoea (absence of menstruation). It is caused by multiple hormones imbalance: high LH, low FSH, elevated androgens, etc.

What to do?

The Aviva movements are organised into sequences and target the OVERALL menstrual cycle.

  1. The 18 Basic sequence is deployed to induce a menstruation.
  2. Once the menstrual bleeding starts it is considered as the beginning of a cycle. Then the practice of the Ovulation sequence stimulates the ovulation process.  

Click here to find out how you can learn the Aviva exercises which can help re-establish regular period with ovulation.

Did you know....?

That PCOS affects approximately 5-10% of women of reproductive age and is one of the most common causes of anovulatory infertility.

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