Are you trying to fall pregnant?

fertilityThe practice of the Aviva Method can help:

  • Stimulate ovulation
  • Increase low FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) level
  • Activate low egg-reserve
  • Open up narrow or blocked fallopian tube
  • Strengthen the lining of the uterus to accommodate the fertilised egg
  • Restore hormonal imbalances (high oestrogen, low progesterone, etc.)
  • Prepare for IVF and increase success rate

The Aviva Method is a natural and non-invasive technique to improve fertility.  

The Aviva movements are arranged into specific sequences and aim at effecting the OVERALL fertility and conception process.

  1. The Ovulation sequence stimulate Ovulation
  2. Selected exercises of the 18 Basic sequence assist the uterus to accommodate the fertilised egg.

The Method may help even those with “unexplained” infertility where no particular reason has been diagnosed.

In recent years the Method has been effectively used as a preparation for IVF treatments.

It may also assist women over age of their prime fertile time (35+) to revitalise their reproductive system and enhance their chances of pregnancy.

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